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Oxygen Plus: The Air Apparent” of Sundance Film Festival

Park City, UT (PRWEB) January 22, 2015

Oxygen Plus (O+), the pioneer and leader in the growing category of portable recreational oxygen, today announced its mission to be the preferred air of independent filmmakers and film enthusiasts during the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Robert Redfords epic event, which takes place in Park City, Utah from Jan. 22 through Feb. 1 attracts approximately 50,000 movie-lovers over its two-week span.

Oxygen Plus will host a number of activities during the festival, promoting its lightweight, ski-jacket-friendly canisters of 95% pure, recreational oxygen that restores mental clarity and depleted energy levels to normal, healthy levels. The O+ team will elevate the streets and slopes of Park City through product education at select Oxygen Plus retailers, including Marmot on Main (540 Main Street) and various Jans Mountain Outfitters ( locations. Visitors, mountain mavens and partiers who are shaken by the combination of jetlag, higher elevation, skiing and multiple nights on the town, can purchase Oxygen Plus when they land and throughout the festival to feel, as Oxygen Plus CMO Lauren Carlstrom phrased it, more like you again. Carlstrom said, Oxygen Plus is at Sundance so festival attendees can feel more energized and revitalized so theyre not catching their breath when they’re walking to a premiere, recovering from a late night out, or flying down black diamonds on the slopes. Our company has always been about helping people go further, so, Carlstrom teased, it shouldnt be surprising if, by chance, attendees are offered a lift in the O+ SUV.

In addition, Oxygen Plus has partnered with SiriusXM host, Todd Shapiro, to broadcast The Todd Shapiro Show from the studios of Park City’s KPCW 91.9 FM on Thursday, Jan. 22 and Friday, Jan. 23. Taking place from 2:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. MST on SiriusXMs Channel 168, Shapiro will interview comedians, filmmakers and other celebrities who are bringing their energy to Sundance. Check out Todd and the O+ team on Instagram and Twitter (@Oxygen_Plus, #SuckItSundance).

The product available for purchase during the festival at Jans Mountain Outfitters, Marmot on Main, Stein Eriksen Lodge, Montage Deer Valley, St. Regis Deer Valley, and Mountain Body Spa comes in a variety of flavors, including Natural, Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit. Oxygen Plus offers a variety of products, including the O+ Mini, the O+ Skinni and the refillable O+ Elevate Pack, all of which are currently available at

About Oxygen Plus

Elevating from their worldwide headquarters in Minnetonka, MN, U.S.A., Oxygen Plus (O+) is leading the development, manufacturing and marketing of portable, recreational oxygen for wellness-minded persons worldwide. Elegant in style and available in a variety of refreshing flavors, O+ oxygen products offer the most oxygen per can volume than any other lightweight, recreational canned oxygen of comparable size on the market. The active ingredient is 95% pure oxygen. Just a few breaths helps revitalize, boost energy, increase alertness and mental clarity, and helps to alleviate the effects of altitude and a night on the town. Elevate your IQ at, and exhale with O+ on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Editor’s Note: For more information about Oxygen Plus and to arrange to speak with a company spokesperson, please contact Nancy Trent or Pamela Wadler at 212-966-0024 or pam(at)trentandcompany(dot)com.

Note: People with impaired heart or lung function or other medical conditions should consult with their physician prior to using O+ products. O+ products are for recreational, intermittent use only. Prolonged use is defined as uninterrupted intake for more than 8 hours. There are no side effects when O+ products are used as directed.