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“I Ride Park City” – Ski Episode 2

I Ride Park City presents Episode 2 in our winter series featuring, John Ware, Dave Euler, Ryan Wyble, Steve Stepp, John Kutcher, and Tom Wallisch skiing 3 K…
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5 Tips to Hiring the Right Wedding Band

Choosing a band to provide music for the biggest day of your life is no small matter. Aside from the actual wedding ceremony, the wedding guests will remember how well the reception went. People really look forward to relaxing and having a grand time at the wedding reception. Every detail from the food to the music will be discussed each time the subject of your wedding day comes up. Therefore, you need to take extra care when selecting the band that is going provide music for the occasion.
These 5 tips are going to help you make the right decision:

Tip #1: Wedding Theme

The theme of your wedding can play a big part in which band to choose. Themes play heavily into style choices. Think about the style of decorations and food being featured. Ideally, you want a band to fit in effortlessly with the atmosphere. They should not seem out of place. A country rock band is a good fit for a casual theme with a down-to-earth feel. Light pop or rock music works for contemporary settings.

Tip #2: Personal Taste

A band should make both bride and groom happy by performing songs that each find appealing. The big day belongs to both of you so do not favor one person’s taste over another. Compromise may be needed in cases where musical tastes vary greatly. There are plenty of bands that perform a wide range of song genres. Ask bands upfront if they know any of your favorite tunes.

Tip #3: Venue

You may have your heart set on a large band with an awesome rhythm section, but they are not going to work out due to the venue. When you are reserving the venue for your reception, ask if there are any limitations for bands playing there. The staff should fill you in on restrictions concerning band size, noise and licensing issues. This information helps to rule out bands that will cause problems.

Tip #4: Special Songs

The band you pick should be able to play special songs requested by you for those memorable moments. The biggest moment of the reception is always the first dance. All eyes will be on the happy couple and the song should have special meaning. Pick out this song ahead of time and ask bands if they have experience performing it. The band should be able to perform other special requests with no problem.

Tip #5: Culture and Religion

For some couples their cultural background largely influences everything concerning the reception. Sometimes family expectations also weigh heavily in decisions concerning music selection. Religious considerations may also be an important factor. In this case, you should limit your band search to ones that are compatible with your traditional cultural standards.

The music at your wedding reception sets the tone for the entire celebration. Every guest is going to remember whether the music was good or bad. Take time to consider everything about the type and style of music you want. Choose a great band that can deliver music that suits the event perfectly.


Mike Dangeroux is the lead guitar and vocalist for the Mike Dangeroux Band, specializing in everything from classics to contemporary music for any event.