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What kind of camera is best for making an independent film?

by qbac07

Question by C.: What kind of camera is best for making an independent film?
I want to make an indie film, and i need to know what camera to buy. should i record on film, and how do i do that? Please Help me!!!!

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Answer by ronnie f
If you’re asking these questions, then you’re definitely not ready for film. Film is expensive. It costs roughly 30 dollars for 16mm film (100Ft), which will get you about ten minutes of run time. Then you have to pay to get the film developed and digitized, which costs hundreds of dollars. THEN, you have to worry if you get light leaks, or else all that pretty footage you just took will be lost.

I will give you this, though…film has the highest resolution, and it looks great.

My suggestion? Get a DSLR. I suggest either a 7D (It can do 60fps, so you can get slow motion shots), or a 5dMkII (Full frame, which gives shallower depth of field).

For the money, you cannot beat the quality of the sensor, the interchangeability of the lenses, and the low light capabilities. You’d have to spend over 7 grand for something that even comes close!!!

But the main issue I see is that you should get some books on filmmaking first and read up on how to even begin. I imagine you’re a beginner and aspiring, so you’ll want to do some studying.

Go get these books:

“The shut up and shoot documentary guide” (Great guerrilla filmmaking book)

“How NOT to make a short film” (A sundance programmers guide on how to impress with a short film)

“Designing sound for animation” (NEVER SKIMP THE SOUND!!! If you don’t understand sound, and most new directors don’t, then read about it. It says it’s for animation, but trust me…it’s for filmmaking in general.)

I suggest borrowing a camera from a friend and just shooting. Get some experience on a project that’s dispensable before you try an indie film you want to stamp your name on. AND READ THESE DAMN BOOKS ASAP!

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How much do actors that work in independent films get paid?

Question by Central American Girl: How much do actors that work in independent films get paid?
Especially those that are well known. Do they also have more independence
from the movie studios? Just wondering.

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Answer by Jacob
The actors usually don’t get paid a lot or sometimes not at all because the budget for independent films is much lower than that of a studio movie, I think actors mainly do indie films to help with their skills and become better actors.

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